Nordic Poetry founded by Swedish born Ameli Lindgren. Had a vison to elevate the perception of vintage with a brand purpose. Starting life at Boxpark Shoreditch and online, building an organic customer base and later set -up shop in 2017 at 141 Bethnal Green Road, further galvanizing the importance of vintage with an Instagrammable interior design. All the time Lindgren’s reputation for deciphering and curating the best garments steadily growing, drawing recommendations as London’s best vintage designer store from likes of Vogue and Highsnobiety.

It takes a discerning eye sifting through piles of unloved clothes, tracking down important pieces, either lost, thrown away or given back to resale. Nordic Poetry’s modus operandi, is to give those clothes a new elevated and meaningful life. In an era when conscious shopping is playing an increasing role in peoples consumer choices, Nordic Poetry has the designer vintage market locked down.